My name is Charlotte Bladh and I work both as a interior designer and a stylist/photographer. Dinavo design studio is located in Stockholm in the heart of SoFo, Södermalm. 

 Ever since I was a little girl up in the North of Sweden I have always been interested in shapes, colours and different combinations of structure and materials. My passion for interior design, styling and photography has been a red thread in my life and since 2002. After ten years as an consultant in various IT-companies I decided to get a formal education in visual merchandising and to add some creativity in to my professional life. 

After that I started to blog on which was one of the first and then biggest interior design blogs in Sweden.The blog became quickly bigger and I started to take smaller interior assignments by request and one thing led to another.  The period as a blogger gave me an enourmous network of other bloggers, interior designers, photographers and journalist which is worth everything to me in my business today.

The blog is still up but I do not post there regulary any more. I do styling assignments for advertising, magazines and interior design for companies and I take a lot of challanges in project managment.